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ITPEC Top Gun Program started in 2015

This program is organized to nurture capable people so that they can play leading parts for ITPEC Examination promotion jointly with the examination implementing bodies and also for cooperation with Japanese companies.

Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan (hereinafter "IPA") invited 8 Top Guns to Japan from the ITPEC member countries.

The criteria for a Top Gun are the following:
1) Achieve a top-class score of FE exam or AP exam in each country
2) Have a good command of English
3) Have good communication skills
4) Have a strong motivation to learn from the program
5) Have a willingness to contribute as ITPEC Ambassador after returning to each country

This 5-day program included a wide range of contents such as project management training, workshops and discussions with Japanese IT companies, and hands-on experience of cutting edge IT services and products of Japan.

On the final day, a certificate of Appointment as ITPEC ambassador was given to each participant from Chairman of IPA, Kazumasa Fujie. It is expected that ITPEC ambassadors will play an important role in promotion of ITPEC activities and relationship-building between respective countries and Japan.

First ITPEC Top Gun Program was held in Tokyo, Japan for 5 days from 2015/2/23 through 2/27.

This program is organized to nurture capable people so that they can play leading parts for ITPEC Examination promotion jointly with the examination implementing bodies and also for cooperation with Japanese companies.

2020 Executive Directors Meeting (EDM) Opening Ceremony

 via Zoom, August 25, 2020

Closing Ceremony of the ITPEC EDM 2020, August 26,2020

2019 Executive Directors Meeting (EDM)

Opening Ceremony held at Discovery Suites, Manila, Philippines

August 27, 2019

Closing Ceremony of the ITPEC EDM 2019, August 28,2019

2019 ITPEC Top Gun Program

From 18th to 27th February 2019, the 5th Top Gun program was conducted in Tokyo, Japan. The program participants are the passers who achieve excellent result in ITPEC examination. The program aims to cultivate the passers capable of taking a leadership role in driving forward ITPEC examination among Asian countries

The program participants were nominated among the exam passers who achieved excellent results in FE or AP of ITPEC examination 2018 which was conducted in each country, namely the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, and Bangladesh.

The program provided an intensive lecture on Project Management, workshops on Japanese common practice in IT business, and some opportunities to interact with leading IT companies in Japan.

At the program completion ceremony, the certificate and the emblem badge to confer a title of ITPEC Ambassador were presented to each participant. They are expected to play a role of leading figure fostering a constructive relationship between Japan and their own countries as ITPEC Ambassadors.

  • Mr. Dustin Ryan Suico Morales (Philippines)
  • Mr. Guian Paolo Barrameda Edejer (Philippines)
  • Mr. Natham Thammanichanon (Thailand)
  • Mr. Wichit Chuebupa (Thailand)
  • Mr. Hien Xuan Nghiem (Vietnam)
  • Ms. Anh Cam Pham (Vietnam)
  • Mr. Thet Paing Kyaw (Myanmar)
  • Mr. Tun Nanda Aung (Myanmar)
  • Mr. Narankhuu Boldbaatar (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Enkhzol Dovdon (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Batnyam Battulga (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Jaiaid Mobin (Bangladesh)
  • Mr. Nafis Irtija (Bangladesh)

2018 ITPEC Ambassadors

The fourth ITPEC Top Gun Program was conducted in Tokyo, Japan from February 19 to 28.

Each program participant was appointed as ITPEC Ambassador on the last day of the program.

ITPEC Ambassadors 2018;

  • Mr. Christopher John Dajalos Bayron (Philippines)
  • Mr. Marvin Sherwin Olarte Tejada (Philippines)
  • Mr. Kridsada Thanabulpong (Thailand)
  • Mr. Sutthiphong Kawatkul (Thailand)
  • Mr. Cuong Quang Bui (Vietnam)
  • Mr. Thanh Hai Hoang (Vietnam)
  • Mr. Kyaw Zahul Hein (Myanmar)
  • Ms. Khin Htet Moe (Myanmar)
  • Ms. Aye Aye Thinn (Myanmar)
  • Mr. Enkhsanaa Natsagdorj (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Ganzorig Ulziibayar (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Md. Shahab Uddin (Bangladesh)
  • Mr. Md. Shahinur Alam (Bangladesh)

2017 3rd ITPEC Top Gun

The third ITPEC Top Gun Program was conducted in Tokyo, Japan from February 20 to March 1.

Each program participant was appointed as ITPEC Ambassador on the last day of the program.

Participants of the Top Gun Program 2015;

  • Mr. Eugene Alvin Sandiego Villar (Philippines)
  • Mr. Sivaphong Niyomphanich (Thailand)
  • Ms. Woraporn Poonyakanok (Thailand)
  • Mr. Tanat Tonguthaisri (Thailand)
  • Mr. Duc Minh Dao (Vietnam)
  • Mr. Kyaw Zin Htoo Naing (Myanmar)
  • Mr. Naranbayar Uuganbayar (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Mehedee Zaman Khan (Bangladesh)

2016 2nd ITPEC Top Gun

The second ITPEC Top Gun Program was held in Tokyo, Japan for 10 days from 2016.Feb.22 through Mar.1.

This program is organized to nurture capable people who are to support the promotion activities of ITPEC Examination, jointly with the examination implementing body in each country.

Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan (hereinafter "IPA") invited 14 Top Guns to Japan from all the ITPEC member countries.

Participants of the Top Gun Program 2016;

  • Mr. Melvin Reyes Matulac (Philippines)
  • Mr. Rafael Napoles Reyes (Philippines)
  • Mr. Antonio Jr. Sorila Telimban (Philippines)
  • Mr. Peerasak Wangsom (Thailand)
  • Mr. Kittipong Yothaithiang (Thailand)
  • Mr. Hieu Quang Le (Vietnam)
  • Mr. Thanh Ha Nguyen (Vietnam)
  • Ms. Nay Yi (Myanmar)
  • Mr. Aung Kaung Myat (Myanmar)
  • Mr. Enkhbayar Erdenechuluun (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Deleg Dolgorsuren (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Ahamed Al Nahian (Bangladesh)
  • Mr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Rabin (Bangladesh)
  • Ms. Quorinna Korish Azahari (Malaysia)

2015 1st ITPEC Top Gun

Information-technology Promotion Agency Japan (hereinafter "IPA") invited 8 Top Guns to Japan from the ITPEC member countries.

Participants of the Top Gun Program 2015;

  • Mr. Eugene Alvin Sandiego Villar (Philippines)
  • Mr. Sivaphong Niyomphanich (Thailand)
  • Ms. Woraporn Poonyakanok (Thailand)
  • Mr. Tanat Tonguthaisri (Thailand)
  • Mr. Duc Minh Dao (Vietnam)
  • Mr. Kyaw Zin Htoo Naing (Myanmar)
  • Mr. Naranbayar Uuganbayar (Mongolia)
  • Mr. Mehedee Zaman Khan (Bangladesh)

In 2016 Informatix Inc. of Japan has partnered with the PhilNITS Foundation Inc. to implement the JICA  Survey Project on Disaster and Risk Reduction Management for the Province of Pangasinan,  and the Municipalities of Binmaley and Lingayen, and the City of Dagupan.

The PhilNITS Foundation has outsourced to the PhilNITS Corporation the last phase of the JICA Survey Project (the Support and Maintenance of the GeoCloud System of Pangasinan) Starting this January 2017 in anticipation of replicating the DRRM Mapping System to other LGUs in the Philippines.

July 14, 2015 The PhilNITS Corporation was set up by the employees of the Philippine National IT Standards (PhilNITS) Foundation Inc. with the objective of coming out with a Profit-oriented Business that will help support and sustain the operations of the PhilNITS Foundation, (a non-stock, non profit, non-government organization, that is now in its 15th year of operation).

March 2016 Philnits holds free seminar on certification

March 7, 2016 at Batangas State University Alangilan Campus,

March 10, 2016 at Cebu Institute of Technology and

March 11, 2016 at the University of Baguio.

Sponsored by (IPA) Information Promotions Agency and

(METI) Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry of Japan.

Speaker Mr. Kenji Ogawa VP IT-HRD IPA Japan and Ms. Corazon Akol President Philnits

Sept. 29 - 30, 2015

The IT Professionals Examination Council held its Annual Executive Director’s Meeting at the Movenpick Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, hosted by the Vietnam Training and Examination Center (VITEC) and supported by the Information technology Promotions Agency (IPA) of Japan..

 Present were Ms. Ma. Corazon M. Akol of PhilNITS,  Ms. Suwipa Wanasathop ,  Dr. Sirichai Kittivarapong and Mr. Tanat Tonguthaisri of National Science & Development Agency (NSTDA) of  Thailand, Mr. Ha Trung Nguyen ,Mr.  Dung Le Viet, Ms. Van Anh Dinh Thi and Mr Phuong Xuan Tran of  the Vietnam Training and Examination Centre (VITEC) of Vietnam, Mr. Ye Yint Win of the Myanmar Computer Federation (MCF) of Myanmar, Dr. Nanthakumar Subramaniamthe Multimedia Technology Enhancement Operations Sdn Bhd  (METEOR) of Malaysia , Ms. Narantsetseg Purevjav of the National Information Technology Park (NITP) of Mongolia and Mr. Muhammad Enamul Kabir ,and  Mr. MD Golam Sarwar of  the Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC) of Bangladesh . Also in the photo are Chief JICA Adviser for BCC is Mr. Hideo Hoya,  Deputy Director, Information Service Industry Division of Commerce & Information Policy Bureau, METI Mr. Tsuyoshi Noda, Mr. Kenjie Ogawa, Mr. Masanori Yazaki and Ms. Ryoko Toyoda of the information technology Promotions Agency (IPA) of Japan.

September 17-18, 2015

PhilNITS President Ma. Corazon M. Akol , Vice Pres. Peter Que, and Chair of Board of Examiners Melvin Matulac  together with PhilNITS Adviser, Usec. Hermie Dumlao and Informatix Marketing Manager Noriaki Ishibashi  were invited by Prof. Nicanor Melecio, Consultant for Environment and Good Governance  of Dagupan City Mayor Belen T. Fernandez and Eng. Alfonso Penamante Supervising Consultant of the Public Alert & Response Monitoring Center (PARM) of Dagupan to attend the  DOST-ICTO Multi stakeholders ICT Forum/ MOU Signing in Dagupan City.

While in Dagupan, Prof Melecio gave the Group a briefing on Dagupan City’s facilities for Environment Monitoring & Disaster Mitigation Activities in the PARM Center.

DOST-ICTO Asst. Sec. Bettina Quimson together with Mayor Belen Fernandez pose with other Pangasinan Mayors who were recipients of DOST’s Tech4Ed Project

Group composed of Peter Que, Usec. Hermie Dumlao, Noriaki Ishibashi of Informatix, Angie Balid of CTII, MCA of PhilNITS

Lunch with Mayor Belen Fernandez of Dagupan City. Included in photo Dagupan City Engineer,  ICTO Region 1 Director Sheryl Ortega, Mayor Belen Fernandez, Asst. Secretary Bettina Quimson and officials from DepEd.



August 25. 2015

Together with Noriaki Ishibashi-san of Informatix, Peter Que and Maricor Akol of PhilNITS and Engr. Angie Balid of CTII and with the help of Usec. Hermie Dumlao, visted the Province of Pangasinan in connection with the approved JICA Survey Project for SMEs of Informatix entitled “ A Verification Survey to Disseminate Japanese Technologies for Integrated Geographic Information (GIS) for Advancement of the Regional Disaster Prevention”. The group was hosted by the Provincial Administrator Mr. Raffy Baraan. The group paid a courtesy Call to the Provincial Governor Amado Espino Jr. and informed him and his Staff of the Project details. After the Presentation made by Informatix to the Staff of the Provincial Govt as well as to the different concerned Personnel of the Cities of Dagupan, Lingayen and the Municipality of Binmaley, the group was given a Tour of the Provincial Capital

June 2015

PhilNITS hosts ITPEC Meeting last June 10-12,2015 at the St. Giles Hotel. In attendance were Mika Ito , Hiroshi Mukaiyama, Shinichi Ichimura, Kazunari Ito, Tsutomu Takashegi, Masamichi Yazaki and Yasuto Shirai, from Vietnam were Bui Ngoc Anh and Ngo Hai Anh, from Thailand were Surasak Srisawan and Boontawee Suntisrivaraporn from Myanmar were Tun Khine and Htay Yin Win, from Mongolia were Usukhbayar Baldangombo, Lkhamrolom Tsoodol, Narantsetseg Purevjav, and Erdenelkham Tserennadmid, from Bangladesh were Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam, Mohammad Mohidur Ralunan Khan and Akohiro Shoji, from Malaysia were Jaspal Kaur Naranjan Singh and Fathin Fakriah Abdul Aziz, and from the Philippines were Melvin Matulac, Michelle Banawan, Jphn Paul Yusiong, Franklin Chua, Antoinette Marcelo and Peter Que

May 21, 2015

Ms. Akol paid a Courtesy Call to the Chairman of IPA , Kazimasa Fujie and Vice Chairman Hisaya Tanaka. She also met with the IPA Vice President Kenji Ogawa and IPA Officers & Staff, Ms. Mika Ito, Mr. Yazaki , Mr. Mukaiyama and Ms. Toyoda.

While in IPA, she also met with Deputy Director Information Service Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry (METI), Mr. Akira Koike.

Photo taken at the IPA Office , from Left to right – Vice President Kenji Ogawa, Vice Chairman Hisaya Tanaka , MCA, and Chairman Kazumas Fujie.

n photo are Mr. Koike, Mr. Ogawa, MCA and Mr. Yazaki

During Ms. Akol’s visit to Japan, she  met up with METI people formerly assigned as Commercial Attaches to  the Japanese Embassy and to the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)

In the photo  (from left to right)  are Kenichiro Koreeda, Kensuke  Saito, Satoshi Katsumi, Yoshimasa Sakai, Yoshio Kimura and MCA

While in Tokyo , she also met up with former Lecturers in the AOTS & CICC –sponsored Training Courses : Mr. Hiroshi Naganuma , formerly of CICC and NEC and Yohtaro Sato of Hitachi

May 17-19, 2015

Ms. Akol, as member of the Phil-Japan Business Council of the Phil. Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PCCI)  joined the PCCI Trade Mission to Osaka.


March 19, 2015

The Partnership between Informatix Ltd. Of Japan and the PhilNITS Foundation was formally launched with a Presentation given by Informatix on the capabilities of their GeoCloud Geographic Information System that PhilNITS will help support by way of marketing and providing Technical Support.

February 2015


Photo shows the Signing of the Agreement between New Era University President Dr. Nilo C, Brosas and PhilNITS President Ms. Maricor M. Akol

A Certificate of Partnership between New Era University-College of Computer Studies and the Phil. National IT Standards Foundation (PhilNITS) was signed to unite in providing quality On-the Job Training to the students and to become significant entities of the Academe- Industry Linkage Program of the Department.

CEU 2014

The Centro Escolar University-School of Science and Technology together with the Junior Philippine Computer Society awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to Ms. Ma. Corazon M. Akol , PhilNITS President, for being the Resource Speaker of the PhilNITS Orientation on the occasion of the Junior Philippine Computer Society Days 2014 with the theme of: “JPCS Elemental Crusade : (Igniting Ideas , Spouting Information, Mind-Blowing Creations and Ground-breaking Innovations) A Quest for a Grand Technological Metamorphosis”

Shown in the photo is outgoing PSITE National President Randy Gamboa with

PhilNITS President Maricor M. Akol and the PSITE Board Members

February  2012

PSITE signs MOA with PhilNITS Foundation  In keeping with the PSITE's 14th Annual Convention’s Theme: "Strengthening IT Education Paradigm through Organizational Development", the outgoing Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE) National Board 2011 signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Philippine National IT Standards (PhilNITS) Foundation Inc. last Feb. 24, 2012 at the Family Country Hotel and Convention Center in General Santos City.  This MOA serves as a written document on the partnership between PSITE and PhilNITS in their collaborative work in producing world-class, globally competitive and recognized PhilNITS- certified IT Professionals in this highly dynamic and very competitive world of Information Technology. Adopting this advocacy for excellence will hopefully turn the Philippines into an Emerging Economy that can maintain its leadership in the IT and IT- Enabled Services in the world.

January 7, 2010

IT training helps Davao MSMEs in web marketing

DAVAO CITY, Jan. 7 (PNA) – At least 16 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) of this city have benefited from the training on information technology (IT) that is deemed necessary to improve their business. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo personally awarded the certificates of entitlement to the MSMEs during a ceremony last January 5 at the Marco Polo Hotel here. The awarding was part of the program launching of the Virtual Poultry Farming and Saba Banana Integrated Development Program. The 16 MSMEs are the first batch of beneficiaries of the Training Enhancement for Competitiveness in Harnessing Innovative Entrepreneurs (Project TECHIE) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine National IT Standards Foundation, Incorporated (PhilNITS).

Nenita F. Navales of Navales Foods, in her short interaction with the President during the ceremony, said that the project has greatly helped her in gaining some important inputs in web marketing. “Kami nga dugay na, wala kaayo mi’y nahibaluan sa computer. Nakatabang gyud ni’g dako sa amua (Like us, who have been in the business for so long, we are not that computer literate. This has helped us a lot),” Navales, who has been in food processing for 15 years, told the President. Project TECHIE is an integrated approach in IT, enabling MSMEs through partnership building; trainings; and support to project secretariat. It is a response toe the mandate of the present administration that calls for the promotion and development of MSMEs as a means to stimulate economic activity in the countryside. The project is likewise a tool which can help local MSMEs boost their productivity and income since they’re taught about how to maximize the internet in their promotion/marketing efforts.

Project TECHIE has five levels of trainings, from basic computer literacy to comprehensive web marketing. Each level/phase is composed of two batches. The project started last December and will end in June this year. The trainings are given to interested MSMEs for free. (PNA)
LAP/Jenny Grace M. Mendoza/lvp

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on January 8, 2010.