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Message from the President

Maricor Akol, President - PhilNITSIt is not everyday that one sees an opportunity to serve and make a difference. It is also not everyone who gets to have this “break”.

When I first learned about this project of the Japanese government- the Asian Common Common Skill Standard Initiative for IT Engineers, immediately got drawn to it. I saw a solution to the deteriorating quality of education in Information Technology. But more importantly, I saw a way of redeeming the image of the Filipina worker, focusing on her superior mental prowess and hopefully erasing the stigma brought on the Filipino people by a handful involved in the oldest profession.

Our country’s greatest asset and resource is its people, so one can never go wrong in engaging in human resource development projects. The work may be long and arduous, never-ending in fact, but the benefits are surely rewarding. The Information Age has truly created a borderless society where survival is equated to keeping up with technology. For us to fully utilize our greatest asset-our people-we need to work double time in developing our IT people into world-class knowledge workers, with sound foundations in math, science and the fundamentals of Information Technology, based on internationally recognized standards.

The concept of certification, a certification on general knowledge and specific programming skills not tied up with any hardware or software vendor is new. The first two years of implementing the program had been largely spent in promoting awareness and advocating the adoption of internationally-recognized standards amidst a skeptic public complacently comfortable with the current set-up. Striving for excellence is never an easy task.

Crisis or no crisis, each one of us has a role in nation building, and each one of us must carry out our roles the best way we know how. Everyone must be perceptive enough to see opportunities that are available and must fully exploit these, for the greater good of the greater majority. We hope that we can in our own little way, with the help of God and our generous friends, contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the Filipino people.

Ma. Corazon M. Akol
President, PhilNITS